3 Ways Portable Office Buildings Can Accommodate Your Business

By Linked Enterprises | December 16, 2019

A portable office building can provide many solutions for your business, depending on your needs. Not only are they cost-effective, but they also have a quick building turnaround time and can be relocated if necessary. Aside from that, these portable buildings can be built to your specifications, creating a personalized space that suits your business. Here are 3 ways portable office buildings can accommodate your business needs.

1. You Need Showers

Believe it or not, more and more employers are offering showers to their employees as a way to incentivize them to exercise. Not only does regular exercise help to minimize employee illnesses, but it also helps to increase their productivity by around 15%. Offering showers to employees is increasingly seen as part of the benefits of working for a specific company.

Portable office buildings are a great solution for bringing in pre-built showers and bathrooms. With “plug-and-play” plumming and electricity, this allows the facility to be up and running in no time. Offering employees a way to shower before returning to work is a great way to remind them that they can go take a jog on their lunch break if they feel so inclined.

2. You Need a Kitchen

Kitchen spaces in the workplace are a beautiful thing. Not only can they help create a sense of comradery with fellow employees, but they can also help your employees save time and money by being able to prepare their food at work. These kitchens can be pre-designed to fit your needs and use either electric or gas.

3. You Need More Office Space

Whether it’s for a temporary project or you need a more permanent solution, a portable office building can give you just what you are looking for. When you customize the building yourself, you are able to build it for several more office spaces, or as a conference and display area. If you want, you can even have restrooms and a break room included, eliminating the need for separate facilities if you don’t want them.