Mobile Facilities Bring COVID-19 Testing to You

By Linked Enterprises | May 19, 2020

When time is of the essence, you don’t have the luxury of searching around for the best option. COVID-19 has hit hard and fast, placing many businesses and organizations on the defensive when it comes to keeping employees, customers and the public safe. Using mobile testing centers, institutions can have state-of-the-art facilities at their disposal to help alleviate the danger and anxiety associate with any pandemic.

Safety First

Using in-house areas for testing has a lot of drawbacks. Clean rooms have to be established and separate areas for quarantine need specific instruments for safety. Don’t forget refrigeration units and basic storage space to handle all of the new equipment and supplies!

Having a portable testing station at hand makes many of those problems disappear. Constructed from 20-foot shipping containers, these spacious modules are ready to go as soon as they hit the pavement. They contain all of the space and facilities you’ll need to take charge of testing and bring peace of mind to the local populace.


the main benefit of these testing stations is their mobility. Designed to be moved to where they’re needed most, these platforms can be integrated with existing electrical and plumbing connections quickly so testing can begin right away. Once they are no longer needed, they can be transported to another location for further use, making them the perfect choice for institutions that serve a variety of areas.

In addition, the automated controls for ventilation, electrical and plumbing either meet or surpass industry standards. This lowers the risk of potential exposure while providing organizations with the space they need to tackle health crises as they arise. In addition, their modular nature means they can be integrated with other pods such as sleeping quarters, hazardous material storage and restrooms to ensure isolation options are available when necessary.

Providing physical and emotional relief is a primary concern for anyone during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using mobile testing facilities let institutions and businesses provide employees and the public with the wellbeing they need to weather the storm in safety.