Ramping Up COVID-19 Mobile Testing Facilities

By Linked Enterprises | April 7, 2020

Our daily lives have been radically altered over the last two months by the COVID-19 pandemic. Sheltering in place and wearing masks to shop for groceries are just a couple of the ways our lives have changed. The experts tell us we won’t be able to “open up” again until we have widespread testing for both COVID-19 and its antibodies. As this testing is put into place, part of the solution may be using repurposed shipping containers turned into mobile testing facilities.


Shipping containers are already being used as affordable housing, kitchens, offices, bathrooms, and even coffee shops. Outfitting units to be reliable testing facilities is a simple step and can include private testing spaces and refrigeration units, with the ability to scale up or down as the need changes.


Our economy is already being negatively affected by this pandemic, so now, more than ever, governments and hospitals need to consider cost-effective solutions for mobile testing. Converting shipping containers has already proven to be an inexpensive way to expand affordable housing units and office spaces, and experienced companies help keep mobile testing reasonably priced as well.


Converted shipping containers are easy to move. In this way, the COVID-19 testing centers can be transported to different geographies as the hotspots move around the country.

Quick to Market

Because these units are converted, not built from scratch, they can get to the market quickly. Time is of the essence during this pandemic, and the production of testing facilities cannot fall behind due to construction delays.

Governments and hospitals have been working around the clock over the last month to contain this pandemic so that we can all get back to work and begin enjoying our outdoor spaces, restaurants, and other entertainment venues as soon as possible. Repurposed shipping containers turned into mobile testing facilities are customizable, cost-effective, and portable solutions that should be part of the plan to move forward.