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Help Your Business Grow

Help Your Business Grow

facility building

Engineered customizable, portable facilities out of recycled shipping containers. Quickly and effectively increase your space for your professional needs. The team has built offices, storage units, portable showers, restrooms, and disaster relief buildings.


Linked Enterprises is becoming a specialist in this new and exciting sector. When building a facility, vaults are becoming increasingly more and more talked about. These can be used for a variety of purposes.


Linked Enterprises Commercial Kitchen Containers are intended to be used on or off the grid. The containers are customized for your specific business needs, equipped with the tools to access and manage your container.


Linked Enterprises containers are the go-to, customizable storage solution for your business, commercial and home use. Our 10’ 20’ 40’ 45’ and 53’ containers can be made to accommodate virtually any desired size specifications and can fit together in a modular fashion

Showers and Restrooms

Linked Enterprises can offer you affordable and portable, toilet, shower and bath buildings in a variety of shapes and sizes. All rooms can be partitioned to your preferred format while being fully set up with all plumbing ready to connect to the external plumbing source.


Our containers can be retrofitted to accommodate practically any office size necessary, from small booths for administration or ticket sales to larger office suites that cover the needs of your expanding business.


Our team has witnessed an increased demand for freezer units across all types of businesses. Freezers are nice to have and are fast becoming a necessity for some new businesses.

Government & Military

Linked Enterprises custom builds versatile and effective infrastructure solutions that maximize available space and capabilities to support logistical operations for government and military.

Crisis Support

Linked Enterprises has extensive experience custom building facility solutions for many different applications including crisis support and disaster recovery.

Event Support

Linked Enterprises produces safe, sustainable, robust, weatherproof facility solutions that can serve as temporary infrastructures during special events.

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