Disaster Relief Solutions


rugged and weatherproof

Disaster Relief Solutions

Effective Facility Solutions for Disaster Relief

Linked Enterprises has extensive experience custom building facility solutions for many different applications including crisis support and disaster recovery.  Our recycled shipping containers can be custom built by our team of experienced engineers to meet your needs and facilitate efficient disaster relief.

Safe and Scalable Disaster Relief Facilities

When a natural disaster, crisis, or other emergency occurs, it can be difficult to immediately assess what is needed and the scale of those needs.  With Linked Enterprises’ facility solutions, our rugged and weatherproof containers can be an effective way to safely meet the needs of the community in crisis while also easily scaling quickly in multiple configurations as needed.  We never know when a crisis will occur or what form it will take but with Linked Enterprises’ facility solutions, you will know you have the facilities solutions needed to provide crisis support.

Providing Whatever Solution You Need for Disaster Relief

One of the biggest advantages of working with Linked Enterprises and choosing our facility solutions is that they can be custom built for many different applications.  Whether you need housing, bathrooms, shelters, storage rooms, offices, hazmat storage, or anything else – our flexible facility solutions will give you the tools you need to provide optimal crisis support.

Core benefits of

Our Facility Buildings

Speed to market

The turnkey containers eliminate the headache of missing crucial deadlines and going over budget due to months of construction. Our plug and play containers will allow you to start generating revenue immediately and get you to market faster than your competitors.

Customizable & Integrated

Our units are fully customizable to your business’ needs across size, quantity, layout, electrical needs, storage and more. Our units are fully integrated with state-of-the-art automation systems, allowing you to access your storage unit or office space from an offsite location.


The beauty of our containers is that they are completely mobile. If you need to relocate for any reason, all you have to do is unbolt the container from the ground and take it with you. Once you are at your new location just set them up, plug them in and you are fully functional once again.

Expert Engineering

We have put together the finest group of technical experts consisting of engineers, farmers, and chefs to produce the safest, automated turn-key facilities. Our team has extensive experience dealing with codes and regulations in multiple States. This allows us to provide each of our facilities with engineered stamped drawings necessary for City, County, and State requirements. All of our systems have been professionally engineered and have undergone a 3rd party engineering review which has been stamped to be accepted by the legal states for mechanical, structural, electrical and fire.

Mass production 

Our containers allow you to take advantage of metric feet, with the ability to stack containers to maximize your real estate. If stacking is not an option, our containers are able to be interconnected and fully integrated with one another. Once the custom blueprint is set for your container needs, our team is able to create multiple versions to expand your business and its space.

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